It's All Connected: Functional Medicine Edition

The Future Has Arrived

The landscape of healthcare is undergoing dramatic change due to the need and demand for addressing chronic conditions associated with lifestyle factors.

In the past, a healthy person was defined as someone free from disease or illness. This would make sense when the leading cause of death was an infectious disease caused by bacteria and viruses. However, as medicine advanced, contagious diseases have been mostly eradicated, and now we also define health based on lifestyle habits.

From the foods we choose to eat to the habits we keep, our everyday choices dramatically affect the way our bodies work and respond to distress. Functional medicine goes beyond the symptom treatment model of conventional medicine and systemically examines the body and lifestyle factors when addressing illness. This is why it’s been coined, “the medicine of the future.”

If you’re ready to experience the medicine of the future for yourself, join us for It's All Connected: Functional Medicine Edition on Friday, September 6th at 12:00 pm CDT for a detailed guide on how functional medicine differs from conventional medicine.

Meet Perfect Touch Massage & Chiropractic Ltd, The Host of It's All Connected: Functional Medicine Edition

I have a strong passion for educating patients to enable them to make informed decisions about their healthcare. I help people by teaching them about how their body works, what their body is (or isn't) doing, and showing them a way back to feeling well again. Seeing people succeed during their wellness journey is truly amazing and something I take great pride in as a healthcare provider.

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Perfect Touch Massage & Chiropractic Ltd

A Better Option for Optimal Health

Functional medicine offers a new way of addressing chronic disease that gets to the root cause of conditions. One exceptionally unique aspect of functional medicine is the focus on disease prevention. While conventional medicine focuses on disease treatment, functional medicine actively seeks solutions to reduce the risk of disease by addressing lifestyle factors.

During this experience, guests will have the opportunity to share personal experiences and ask questions along the way. Our goal for this webinar is to bridge the gap between traditional healthcare and functional medicine.

We’ll define health and explain how it’s changed over the years as well as explain how functional medicine is best equipped to address chronic disease by reviewing the core aspects of health.

Whether you’re ready to make the switch or just want to explore your options, this is a fantastic resource to take advantage of.

We Can’t Wait to Share with You on Friday, September 6th at 12:00 pm CDT!